[LISTEN] Fil-Parlament Ma Jikbrux Fjuri by Oliver Friggieri

Antonella Axisa and Mikhail Basmadjian read from Fil-Parlament Ma Jikbrux Fjuri by Oliver Friggieri

Actors Antonella Axisa and Mikhail Basmadjian read an excerpt from Oliver Friggieri’s Fil-Parlament Ma Jikbrux Fjuri, where an important dialogue about politics, philosophy and class struggle takes place between two politically estranged individuals.

When the novel was published in 1986, it stirred political controversy: half of Malta ended up buying the book, while the other half shunned it. Friggieri presents to the reader the complex roots of conflict between the two political parties in the country. From this continuous struggle emerges Karlu Manju, who represents the individual who’s free from the psychological grab of the political class on the people. Fil-Parlament Ma Jikbrux Fjuri is a political novel, but it is also religious, and it tells the story of the power held by the common man.

About the author

Oliver Friggieri is Professor of Maltese Literature at the University of Malta. He is the foremost Maltese literary critic and a national author. He has published extensively and in his creative writing he attempts to interpret the sentiments and attitudes of a people living in the Central Mediterranean. He’s a poet, novelist and philosopher.

About the readers

Antonella Axisa is an actress and presenter with a love for languages and accents. Mikhail Basmadjian is an actor and graphic designer. He’s also a diver and a lover of cats.

Antonella Axisa, and Mikhail Basmadjan
Antonella Axisa, and Mikhail Basmadjan

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