SLIDESHOW | Tiffany Pisani from Britain's Next Top Model at Palazzo Parisio

Having part-dominated the local modeling scene was only a start for Tiffany Pisani. Nobody, including herself, could have anticipated she would go this far on the UK programme Britain’s Next Top Model, and it appears that she is only warming up.

All photographs by Ray Attard

An offshoot of its American counterpart and hosted by world-famous supermodel Elle Macpherson, Britain’s Next Top Model was not all that popular in Malta.

However things started to change when it emerged that an 18-year old local girl was participating. “I never even thought I’d make it into the competition, let alone to the top three,” Tiffany said, on a brief visit to Malta, about her latest success on the show.

The latest episode, aired last Monday on Living TV, confirmed the three girls that made it to the final, one of whom is Tiffany. “I cried when they called me out in the last episode, I really didn’t think I’d make this far; it was very overwhelming,” she said.

“I really gave my all in the show and tried my best, so hearing my name called out was very emotional and satisfying. I couldn’t believe it; I honestly thought I would be eliminated!”

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