Maltese expats get Facebook call to vote for Tiffany in BNTM finale

The final three contestants of Britain’s Next Top Model (BNTM) were given a surprise announcement in yesterday’s episode when host Elle Macpherson declared the Top Model will be crowned next week in a live final. Tiffany’s Facebook group, called Tiffany Pisani for Briatin's Next Top Model, is urging any locals living in the UK to vote for her.

The three girls that made it to the finale of cycle 6, local success story Tiffany, along with British Alisha and Joy, were treated to a massage on a desolate Malaysian island after a message from Elle told them to ‘pack for paradise’, in yesterday's supposedly last episode. 

The girls, now all competing for the top spot, did a swim wear photo shoot emulating a past photo of the notorious bikini-model herself, Elle Macpherson. While Joy posed almost nude beside a pool and Alisha stood out in a contrasting white one-piece, Tiffany donned a lime green bathing suit and flippers.

Tiffany said she had one of the hardest shots, because she was told not to get her bathing suit wet, despite the fact that she was posing in the ocean with flippers.

The ultimate test for the girls was that of working the catwalk in a fashion show, characteristic of every final episode of a Top Model show. The judges, present in the front-row, stood out from the crowd seated in bright orange chairs.

While Alisha appeared to be a little wobbly albeit called “fierce” by the judges, Tiffany’s walk was considered good, but needed to strengthen her end pose. Joy, who broke down in the rehearsal because she felt she wasn’t walking properly, seemed to do well and was also acclaimed by the judges.

All three girls were praised by the judges for their swim wear shoots. After each individually delivering a brief speech about why they want to win the contest, Elle made her unexpected announcement, telling the girls the winner will be announced in a first-ever live final.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, a Facebook group supporting Tiffany is urging locals living in the UK to vote for her by calling on 09011324203, or to vote for her online from the official website, (Calls can only be made from a UK number)

The live finale will air next Monday October 4 on Living TV.