Video | Tiffany Pisani dominates UK press, 'I still can't believe that I've won BNTM'

Wolverhampton born Maltese model Tiffany Pisani is Britain’s Next Top Model. The 18 year old from Attard has stunned a nation and garnered the most votes on Living TV's Live show hosted by super model Elle MacPherson.


Tiffany Pisani was crowned the winner of the 13-week long modelling programme, as her face appeared on a large screen revealing the brunette “”Maltese sex bomb”, as titled by designer and judge Juien Macdonald himself, as Britain’s Next Top Model.

The live final of Britain’s Next Top Model kicked off yesterday evening with an opening performance by British band McFly, while all contestants walked down the catwalk before revealing the three finalists; Tiffany Pisani, Joy McLaren and Alishia White, who walked out in sync in matching black suits and a white top.

British presenter Dave Berry introduced the last programme of cycle 6, after 13 gruelling weeks of competing for the top spot.
In a recorded interview prior to kicking off the show, Tiffany described the journey as an “Incredible experience.”

“I learnt many things about myself throughout the competition; I’m pleased I’ve come such a long way, and winning will be the icing on the cake,” she said.

Host Elle Macpherson and judges Julien Macdonald, Grace Woodward and Charley Speed joined the crowd on stage, each praising the girls for “getting so far” and “achieving so much” throughout the weeks.

The three finalists each took to the catwalk with all-female pop band The Saturday’s performing behind them, each modelling in striking outfits. Alishia and Tiffany sported a beautiful floor-length white evening gown with dainty Union Jack headbands while Joy showed off a racy short sequined dress boasting the Union Jack all over.

All three girls were subsequently shown on the set of the photoshoot for Company magazine, which was one of the prizes for the BNTM winner. Each girl had a beauty shot taken, as well as a fashion shot which will also feature in the December edition of the magazine.

The judges praised Tiffany’s photo, as she walked out in a figure-hugging black dress, and commended her for being so versatile and modelling “like a pro”. Julien Macdonald told the local beauty “You can ring my bell any time”, while Grace Woodward told the audience “This girl works like a machine!” Charley Speed also praised Tiffany for being able to pull off any length and colour of hair, “Be it long and blonde, short and blonde or short and brown.”

In the last individual evaluation before revealing the model that placed third, a brief video clip was aired showing the family members of each model and their comments of support. Tiffany’s parents, sister and boyfriend all praised the 18-year old for achieving so much, and hailed her a winner irrelevant of how she places.

In a moment of high anticipation, the three finalists were called on stage, revealing Joy as the girl who placed third, while Alishia and Tiffany emerged as the two finalists.

In their last modelling experience on BNTM, Alishia strutted down the catwalk in a futuristic silver and black cat suit. Tiffany worked her black and silver mini dress to perfection, together with a huge black afro and thigh-high black patent boots, as British hip hop artist Tinchy Strider energised the crowd.

Tiffany and Alishia were called out for the last time, definitely so this time, as the winner was due to be announced. Tiffany glowed in a strapless pastel yellow gown, while Alishia radiated in a green strapless gown.

Elle announced that the winner would appear on a screen “in 10 seconds”, conveniently avoiding an Australia’s Next Top Model-type disaster, the host of which called out the wrong name while live on national television.

Tiffany appeared to be shocked herself and amazed the audience by garnering the most votes, claiming the coveted spot of Britain’s Next Top Model.

“I can’t believe it, I thank everyone so much for voting for me,” she said with teary eyes. That’s one huge success story of a young local who made it big.

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And for heavon's sake - don't take any Maltese values over with you! Believe me - england has more then enough values and their sense of ethics, morality and proper behaviors leaves us gaping like the bunch on inbred corrupt morons that we are. So once again - don't look back and best of luck!
Tiffany Britain has given an opportunity that this Malta would have always denied you. Get your family over with you and never look back. Take your holidays from Barbados if you miss the sun! Good luck!
Congratulations to Tiffany. A big welcome home should be organised. We can compete like anyone else in the world and win as Tiffany did.
Mark Fenech
I am so pleased for her and for Malta. I am also very pleased that she was born in Wolverhampton, which football team I have supported for about 57 years, inspite that they do not feature so high in the premiership table these days. Well done Tiffany and keep it up, remember now comes the hardest part of your job, to remain a lady with a strong Maltese character and with strong Maltese values. Enjoy it.