A breath of fresh air, and a ‘war’ won | Ira Losco

Ira Losco tells us that her upcoming full-length album The Fire will mark a bold new direction for Malta’s pop-rock darling, incorporating a variety of genres and promising a more ‘mature’ songwriting approach

Ira Losco: “I never really think hard about a look.”
Ira Losco: “I never really think hard about a look.”

How does it feel to have another album done and dusted?

It feels awesome. This album was a breath of fresh air. Writing it was a form of release on my part. It had been a few months since I'd sat at my piano, or held my guitar and wrote something. It was almost as though I was at war with music before I started writing again. I needed a rest, but when I'd cleared my mind and the thoughts, melodies and words came rushing back I just loved every second of it. I'm very proud of The Fire.

What 'side' of Ira will your fans be seeing this time around?

A more fun yet deep, mature yet forever young Ira. They always get the real me. I guess the more you live and the more you experience... the more you grow and the more you learn to tell a story better in a more concise yet touching fashion.

How do you think your fans will react to the new material?

Judging by the social media and teasers  we've  had running since my first single release What I'd Give, fans have reacted very well. They seem to love the new direction and really like the songs. Some already have favourites.

Is there a particular meaning behind the album's title?

The Fire is open to interpretation. For me it was the spark that re-ignited and lit the fire in my heart again, it's what keeps my desire for music burning. During my two years of rest after practically releasing a CD, DVD or book every year, my fire had slightly dimmed, but never died. I guess some people could liken it to a new romance... or maybe one that left charred hearts.

Are you also going for a different image this time around? If so, how are you adapting your look and stage presence to suit the album?

I'm going for a look that I feel comfortable with. I never really think hard about a look. I've always believed that my talent and love for music should precede style and fashion. However I do see the visual side as an artistic expression of my inner self.

Are you happy to form part of the Maltese scene? What would you say are some of its most notable developments over the past few years?

The Maltese scene changes a lot. I hope it will continue to do so to the better. There are some very interesting and promising new acts lately and all of this keeps it all the more exciting for few artists who have been around leaving their mark for many years now. Music is about unity and I feel that every artist on this tiny island has a lot to offer. When I spot talent I always try and promote it, pass it on to my manager or anyone who can help and most definitely try to encourage the artist.

Your new single The Person that I Am is an anthem of independence and self-acceptance. Would you say this also reflects your attitude towards music right now: do you feel more free, more comfortable in your own skin and if so, what contributed to this?

Yes, I guess I've always been like that. Love Me or Hate me passed on pretty much the same message. But The Person I Am reflects a more confident me and speaks about the daily battle we have within ourselves of self-doubt and self-conflict but emerging ultimately happy with who we are. I believe experiences in life and experiences through music have given me a better understanding of the person I am.

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