NoAgentFees safeguards users by protecting private communication channels

Malta’s only website offering properties for sale and to rent exclusively by direct owners is rolling out a new feature

In Malta’s vibrant property market, spam-like communication is on the increase related to selling or letting properties. This can lead to unwanted phone calls and emails.

That is why the on-site messaging system of allows users to keep their personal contact details confidential in the initial phase of negotiation with prospective buyers and tenants. The new feature aims to help users with protecting their private communication channels.

“We firmly believe that our landlords and sellers have a right to refrain from using agents if they wish. This is the very reason why we launched our startup at the end of 2018.

“However, our users have complained that they are regularly approached by agents via their personal communication channels, as the property market in Malta is booming,” says Tristan Scriberras, Business Development Manager of

“This new feature, therefore, comes as a solution answering the needs of our users. They are the users of our platform that offers 480+ property listings because they would like to do business without the involvement of agents, so it is our duty to develop a tool that helps them in their related efforts” adds Mr Scriberras.

The website has also launched an updated search feature, allowing for better user-experience, especially for users using on their mobile devices.