Lufthansa to take off in traditional folk costume during Oktoberfest

Lufthansa CityLine to fly in traditional dress for the first time to celebrate Oktoberfest

This year will again see Munich-based crews taking off in traditional folk costume during Oktoberfest. Local Bavarian dress will then be on display to the world on selected routes from Munich. The twelve female and two male flight attendants will be flying to destinations in Asia and on the American continent this year, starting with Beijing on 15 September, followed by São Paulo on 24 September and then Mexico City on 4 October.

"The folk costume flights are a lively tradition at Lufthansa, and one which passengers really enjoy. The response from our guests is overwhelming," Thomas Klühr, member of the Lufthansa German Airlines Board, Finances & Hub Munich said.

As in the previous year, the crew will be wearing traditional dress from Munich’s Angermaier Trachten fashion house. The Oktoberfest dirndl to be worn by the female flight attendants was designed in the yellow, blue and white Lufthansa colours.

The bodice is yellow and imprinted with blue flowers, while the skirt is blue and white-striped. The ladies will also wear a blue silk apron. The male flight attendants will be dressed in traditional leather trousers, combined with a matching Alpine jacket and waistcoat. The colours of the tie will complement the dirndl.

One of the Lufthansa CityLine crews will also swap its uniform for traditional Bavarian garb for the first time this year. The crew will fly on selected European routes at the beginning and end of Oktoberfest in Munich.

The three Lufthansa CityLine crew members will be wearing traditional dress from Munich’s Loden-Frey fashion house. The bodice and skirt are royal blue, and the yellow apron is adorned with small, white flower tendrils.

Lufthansa’s passenger lounges in Munich will also be getting into the spirit of the “fifth season” during Oktoberfest. In the Senator Lounges, passengers will be able to enjoy apple strudel, meat and cheese boards, and pretzels. The First Class Lounge will be offering Bavarian delicacies in its Oktoberfest-themed restaurant. Specialities such as duck and Kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancake) will be freshly prepared by the chefs.

The folk costume worn by Lufthansa staff working in passenger care at Munich Airport will have a new design this year. In partnership with the fashion company Schustermann & Borenstein, dirndls and Alpine jackets have been designed exclusively for Lufthansa. During Oktoberfest, station staff will also be allowed to wear this new Lufthansa folk costume as well as their Lufthansa uniforms.

It has been more than 50 years since Lufthansa staff first swapped their uniforms for traditional dress. In 1957, it was announced that “Lufthansa stewardesses wearing authentic dirndls will be taking care of passengers on board the Super Constellation from New York to Hamburg during Oktoberfest in Munich between 17 September and 2 October as well as passengers on Lufthansa Convair aircraft from London to Munich from 21 September to 5 October”.

The light-blue dirndl was reserved for blond flight attendants, while those with dark hair wore a pink-coloured dress. Following a break, the tradition of folk costume flights at Lufthansa resumed in 2005.

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