[WATCH] Seabank Hotel to save €210,000 on utility bills thanks to tariff reductions

Seabank ranked 8th best all-inclusive resort in Europe

Minister Edward Zammit Lewis addressing the audience at the Seabank Hotel
Minister Edward Zammit Lewis addressing the audience at the Seabank Hotel
Tourism Minister calls for higher quality in tourism

DB Seabank Hotel stands to save €210,000 annually following the 25% reduction in electricity and water tariffs for businesses that is set to be introduced in March.

"Seabank will then be able to invest this money in refurbishment and in improving the quality of its workforce," tourism minister Edward Zammit Lewis said, while citing recent statistics that show that tourism arrivals increased by 4% in September this year when compared to September 2013.

Seabank have recently been ranked as the 8th best all-inclusive hotel in Europe, according to guest ratings on the world-famous travel website TripAdvisor. 

"Technology means that hotels are now faced with new digital challenges in that guests are passing judgement on the hotels they visit online," Zammit Lewis said. "This makes it crucial that hotels become more vigilant and focus on improving the quality of their service."

Seabank became an all-inclusive resort in 2011 and remains the only all-inclusive hotel in Malta.

“This concept means that guests don’t pay for any of our services after checking in,” Vince Degorgio, Director of DB hotels and resorts said. “We knew that we needed to invest €40 million to implement the concept, this in the middle of a financial crisis.”

“Last year, TripAdvisor ranked us as the 17th best all-inclusive resort in Europe and many guests told us that they chose to visit our hotel because of this ranking,” Seabank’s general manager Hubert Debono said. “In the last year, we welcomed around 50,000 guests who spent over 350,000 nights at the resort and were served over 1.5 million meals. 2000 of those guests wrote about their experiences on TripAdvisor and thanks to their recommendations, we rose up by 9 places in the TripAdvisor rankings for all-inclusive hotels in Europe.”

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