Capt. A. Caruana opens in St Julians

A must-visit shop for cigar, whiskey and wine afficionados

Capt. A. Caruana has recently extended its oulet business and recently opened another shop in St Julians.

Capt. A. Caruana has been in the retail business for a over a decade and is known by all, especially people who frequent Valletta. 

This outlet is a must for cigar afficionados, offering a selection of cigars, both Cuban and Dominican, in reach of most people's budget and to give as a gift.

Capt. A. Caruana has a range of whisky, ranging from the 'classic' hub of whisky-making in Scotland to the new and interesting world of Japanese products.

This outlet is also a must for wine conoisseurs, with enough wine to make the best of us turn silly just gazing at the selection, ranging across the new world and the old. 

Capt. A. Caruana can now be found inSt.Augustine Street, St.Julian's, between 10 am and 7 pm, Monday to Sunday. For more information email [email protected] or phone on 21380950.