Maltese ingenuity sparkles in jewellery entrepreneur’s crowdfunding campaign

Backers will help preserve Maltese tradition and expand a local business, via the new Zaar campaign for artisanal jewellery brand, Dazzled Collection

Josianne Calleja, founder and designer of local artisanal jeweller Dazzled Collections, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Zaar.
Josianne Calleja, founder and designer of local artisanal jeweller Dazzled Collections, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Zaar.

Local bespoke jewellery business Dazzled Collections has launched a campaign on Malta’s online crowdfunding platform, Zaar.

Dazzled Collections founder and designer, Josianne Calleja, hopes to raise €3,000 through crowdfunding to purchase new machinery and upgrade the workspace, enabling her to both improve the business and better support her craft of unique, handmade jewellery.

Although Ms Calleja founded Dazzled Collections in 2020, she has been a keen artisan for many years, initially experimenting with materials such as wood, felt and polymer clay. Her ongoing journey towards learning the intricate techniques of silversmithing has already included a filigree-making course under the guidance of master artisan Gaetano Saliba, alongside his assistant Maja.

With a focus on sustainability – silver is a recyclable material and all packaging is eco-friendly – Ms Calleja’s core values of creating unique pieces, preserving tradition, originality and innovation continue to inspire both her business and her craft.

“The art of traditional filigree and silversmithing is slowly dying in Malta. Regrettably, only a handful of individuals are preserving the traditional art of crafting jewellery,” she says. “Meanwhile, having imported filigree available on the market poses pricing challenges for artisans. By focusing on crafting bespoke pieces, I try to not only preserve tradition but also ensure that my clients purchase something unique, locally crafted and including traditional elements.”

Crowdfunding offers a community-facing opportunity to raise the funds needed to grow this important local business, she goes on. “Starting a new business presents its challenges – and asking for help is no exception. Embracing new opportunities as an entrepreneur also means embracing new learning curves! While I have acquired some necessary equipment and tools over time, purchasing expensive tools is beyond my current reach. Through crowdfunding, I hope to not just raise funds, but to build a community of supporters who believe in the power of local businesses and the artistry of handcrafted jewellery.”

Dedicated to creating pieces that are both distinctive and customised, the Dazzled Collections range includes bespoke traditional and 925 silver jewellery. In collaboration with clients, Ms Calleja also specialises in crafting memorial jewellery designed to encapsulate precious memories, inlaying various materials such as ashes, hair, sand and breastmilk.

The funds raised via the Zaar crowdfunding campaign will purchase a professional silversmithing bench and equipment to melt, clean, polish and plate crafted items. This will enable Ms Calleja to work at a faster pace, as she grows the business and showcases her work alongside three other local artisans at the l-artigjana boutique shop in Rabat.

While backers in Malta will have the satisfaction of supporting a local business that upholds a piece of the island’s unique artisanal heritage, they can also expect to receive rewards according to the amount they donate to the campaign. These include a Thank You email and mention in a dedicated post on Facebook, as well as Dazzled Collections vouchers that exceed the value of the amount donated.

To donate to the Dazzled Collections – Support for machinery to craft bespoke memorial jewellery crowdfunding campaign on Zaar, visit the website here.