Prime Minister hopeful that Projects Malta Ltd will lead to even more economic growth

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat expresses satisfaction at the winter forecast published by the European Commission and says Projects Malta Ltd will continue the positive trend in Malta

Video By Ray Attard

Addressing the national conference during the official launch of Projects Malta, Muscat said that Malta registered its highest employment rates during the last months of 2014, a trend which is expected to continue well into the future, given the European Commission’s economic forecast published earlier today.

“Projects Malta Ltd was an integral part of our budget, and this project will continue to boost the Maltese economy, and provide a challenge to both the public and private sectors,” Muscat said.

Muscat added that in order to have concrete and positive results, we must break the chains of bureaucracy, which has so often hindered and even put a top to good projects and plans.

“Projects Malta will ensure that good ideas are never wasted and that plans are implemented in a timely manner.”

Muscat said that Projects Malta would bring about changes to commerce, infrastructure and health, among others, and that it would go beyond the little that has previously been achieved by public-private initiatives like the maintenance and beautification of roundabouts around the Maltese islands, and the projects between public and private hospitals to increase bed-space.

Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi reiterated the government’s commitment to bolster the Maltese economy through the collaboration of the private and public sector.

Mizzi also looked forward to the upcoming announcement of Trade Malta, which is expected to boost the Maltese presence in foreign markets.

Chairman of Projects Malta Ltd, Adrian Said explained that the company would focus on both service based projects and infrastructural projects. Said stressed that the company does not aim to create new rules or bureaucracy systems, but it wants to create more effectiveness and efficiency in proposed projects.

Said pointed out that the company was currently in talks with Transport Malta and MHRA to ensure increased infrastructural projects targeting tourism in issues like cleanliness and the development of beaches. He also said that there is great interest in the education sector.

“We are discussing better childcare for working mothers as we need more female participation to strengthen the economy.”

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