Joseph Muscat back on party media for radio interview

Joseph Muscat will be interviewed by Emanuel Cuschieri on One Radio, his first appearance on party media in years

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat

Former prime minister Joseph Muscat will be interviewed on Labour Party media for the first time in years, despite facing criminal charges of corruption and bribery.

Radio presenter Emanuel Cuschieri will interview Muscat on Wednesday at 6pm during his radio programme Linja Diretta.

This will be his first appearance on party media since resigning as Labour leader in 2020.

After being subject to a police raid in 2022, Muscat would often appear on Smash TV and F Living to give interviews and reach his wider grassroots supporters.

He had used one such interview to say he had no trust in inquiring magistrate Gabriella Vella, who presided over the inquiry into the Vitals hospitals sale.

In another interview, Muscat supplied soundbites for his supporters and challenge adversaries by accusing detractors of playing a dirty game against him.

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