A new face for Benna

Malta Dairy Products Ltd has given BENNA a revamp with the announcement of the launch of the new company logo, packaging and products as part of the ongoing evolution of the company’s brand

Benna's new look (Photo: James Bianchi/Media Today)
Benna's new look (Photo: James Bianchi/Media Today)

The logo has been updated to breathe new life into the brand whilst maintaining its identity by retaining principal elements respecting past successes. 

BENNA will now be going for a new retro look with polka dotted, striped and zigzagged inspired cartons reflecting the positive way with which the brand is looking at new challenges faced by the market.

Apart from rebranding, the company’s CEO Martin Grech announced the introduction of a number of new products which will be hitting the shelves in the next few days and months. He stressed the fact that all of the products to be launched are all made from 100% fresh Maltese milk.  Such products include pure Maltese salted and non-salted butter, different cheeses, fresh ricotta in lactose-free and coconut flavoured milk.

Part of the company’s success is attributed to the fact that the main shareholders of the company are the producers of the milk itself. With the producers as shareholders operating with passion and integrity, consumers are guaranteed a quality product.

The company has labeled its products ‘Farmer Owned Quality Guarantee’. This means that they have total control over the whole process of milk production; from the farm straight to the packaging to ensure that a good quality product is delivered to the consumer.

Dr. Joseph Muscat joined the celebrations last night at the Xara Lodge where he claimed the company defies logic because with limited resources, it still manages to keep up with the market and compete with strong multinational brands. Due to its constant innovations and genuine products, BENNA remain the natural choice of Maltese consumers.

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