[WATCH] I believe in facts

In his latest video blog, MaltaToday’s managing editor Saviour Balzan tackles the latest court revelations surrounding the Egrant whistleblower and the PN leadership election

Facts should be reported and discussed, not according to what one chooses to believe, but in full respect to the truth, MediaToday managing editor Saviour Balzan argues in this week’s video blog.

According to testimonies given in court this week, the Russian whistleblower may have left the country for good. According to whom they would rather believe, it leaves ‘Egrant watchers’ with either one of these conclusions: those who say the whistleblower absconded, and those who think she might have felt intimidated.

“This country always divides itself in black and white; it divides itself according to what people want, or don’t want, to believe. I believe in facts,” Balzan says.

He reminded that the whistleblower’s allegations, and what followed, led to snap elections being called.

Balzan argues that, from how things panned out and given the fact that the woman was given back one of her two passports by the Maltese courts in March, it was evident that the police had not been chasing her.

“Irrespective of what people believe and the different opinions, we must continue talking about facts,” he adds.

On the PN leadership election, Balzan called on the media to scrutinise the candidates and ensure that the people have an opposition that can act as a watchdog and hold the government to account.