Malta welcomes Carnival Cruise liner brand

Malta welcomes cruise ship from Carnival Cruise Line brand for the first time on its shores

Tourism minister Edward Zammit Lewis, welcomed the Carnival Cruise line brand in Malta and the arrival of the cruise ship Carnival Vista for the first ever call of a Carnival Cruise Line ship at our cruise port.

Speaking in an address, Zammit Lewis said that the development was very exciting and that he looked forward to enhancing the relationship between our Islands and Carnival Cruise line.

“Another interesting development is that approximately 80% of Carnival visitor passengers are from the United States. This will surely help to diversify our cruise line market,” he said.

Zammit Lewis said there was no doubt that the cruise-liner market has taken on a critical importance within Malta’s tourism industry.

“A substantial number of first time visitors come back to our islands for a longer stay, generating further business in tourism.”

Zammit Lewis said that 2015 had been an absolute record year for the industry in Malta, with 307 cruise line vessels entering the Grand Harbour. 

“The trend is continuing, and Malta has just registered an exceptional rate of cruise liner tourism in winter,” he said, adding that 17 cruise liners had called in our port between January and March of this year, 8 more than last year. 

“Nearly 40,000 passengers arrived in Malta in the 1st quarter of this year, an increase of 90% over the same period of 2015.”

“The results attained reflect the drive by all stakeholders to develop our product and promote Malta’s increasing attractiveness and popularity as a leading cruise destination in the Mediterranean, in what is a highly competitive market,” Zammit Lewis added.

He said that success in this industry is the result of efficient and concerted collaboration between various parties, including Mifsud Brothers Ltd. in Malta, and he re-affirmed the Government’s commitment to increase efforts and investment, for further growth in this industry, and stated that the excellent results achieved indicate that we are on the right track.

“I wish the Captain and crew of Carnival Vista a bright future, and I look forward to our continued and enhanced collaboration for many years to come,” he said.

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