Malta Police Association proposes childcare centres for Police officers

A number of proposals laid out including call on government to officially recognise union representing the police force

Malta Police Association has proposed a set of measures for Budget 2017 (File Photo)
Malta Police Association has proposed a set of measures for Budget 2017 (File Photo)

The Malta Police Association (MPA) this morning issued a number of proposals to the government for the upcoming budget.

Among the proposals is that for a childcare centre to be set up either within the general head quarters building or another location in the vicinity.  This, it said, would provide police officers the opportunity to take their children to a childcare centre that is “convenient and continually accessible.”

The association also called on the government to officially recognise unions representing the police force in order to convert the police’s currently abstract right to join a union into an actual tangible one.

“ A voice has been given to members of the Police Force, but now this voice needs to be heard by the government. The MPA demands that the representation of the members of the Police Force is recognized and a new sectoral agreement is negotiated between the stakeholders.”

The union also outlined a number of issues that need to be addressed in this sectoral agreement including an adjustment to the pay scale of police officers, who work 46 hours per week as opposed to 40 hours in the case of other public service jobs, the introduction of a cost of living increase to service pensions, a revision of qualification allowances for public service employees and compensation for overtime worked by police officers between 1993 and 2008.  


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