Busuttil's interpretation of budget 'weak' - Prime Minister

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat slams Opposition leader's budgetary speech 'incorrect', 'not factual'.

In a brief reaction to the Opposition Leader's speech in parliament this evening, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said Simon Busuttil's interpretation of the budget was "weak".

According to Muscat, the public had failed to understand whether the leader of the Opposition was "in favour or against" the budget.

"At one stage he says this was a positive budget and then he declares he'll be voting against it," he said.

He accused Busuttil of being "out of his depth" on the financial and economical aspects of the budget.

"His interpretation of the budget and analysis of the economic aspects was weak, incorrect and unfactual. His lack of depth forced him to indulge in a series of personal insults," the PM said.

He claimed, that people this evening were "expecting to understand what Busuttil stands for".

"In return, all they got were contradictions. He tried to make good for his lack of insight by attacking people. I know the public can see through that," Muscat said.

Asked to comment about Busuttil's comments that the budget was "dishonest" and aimed at winning the May EP elections, Muscat reiterated that Busuttil was "politically confused".

"And tomorrow I intend to expose the factual mistakes he did."



Dr Busuttil did not know what he was saying. Full of contrdictions that finally confused the people. If he intends to be a future prime minister, he better grow up.
The usual negative comments b Joseph Muscat. Why is he always so negative?