PM cautious on Peralta’s possible impeachment as Busuttil declares support to motion

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says people are as angry as he is on Magistrate Carol Peralta's actions.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat reacted to Magistrate Carol Peralta's claims that the government and opposition's condemnations of his actions as insignificant by saying "what the people think is not insignificant and the people are clearly as angry as I am on this matter."

Yesterday evening, the Magistrate ordered the arrest of a reporter who tried to take pictures of Peralta's chambers, where Christmas drinks were being hosted.

It has been reported that Peralta was drinking and smoking. The Nationalist Party has called for the resignation of Magistrate Carol Peralta insisting that his position was no longer tenable.

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil also declared the PN would support a motion of impeachment if this were to be presented.

Asked whether Peralta should be impeached, Muscat said that he would follow his predecessors' example and take an cautionary stand.

Speaking in Brussels at the end of the EU summit, Muscat said: "I will give everyone the necessary time and space to explain themselves and I must ensure that my comments do not compromise any future proceedings."

He added that Peralta would be given an opportunity to explain himself with the Commission for the Administration of Justice and government would then take the necessary action accordingly.

In reaction to Peralta's claims that the party was attended by MPs from both sides of the House, Muscat said he was not in a position to confirm these claims, adding that he would be "disappointed" if this turns out to be true. 

A motion for Magistrate Peralta's impeachment had already been presented in Parliament during August, 1990 but had fallen through. Today, Peralta declared that one of Eddie Fenech Adami's laywers - then Prime Minister - had also "apologised" to him.

Ministers of the previous administration should have been impeached!