Relapser remanded in custody

Man charged with the hold up on a Lotto receiver is remanded in custody after Magistrate deems he is not trustworthy to be granted bail.

Jonathan Zammit, 28 of St Paul's Bay was remanded in custody after he failed to recall the address of his own residence, and his mother suggested the address in court.

On 17 January this year, the accused pointed a knife and a can of pepper spray against Lotto receiver Sean Christopher Fenech Adami.

Violently threatening the victim, the accused made away with Fenech Adami's Samsung S3 mobile phone and wallet. The robbery took place in Vjal il-Qalbiena, Mosta.

Zammit was charged with the hold up on the lotto receiver, holding a person against his will, carrying an unlicensed knife and pepper spray, slightly injuring his victim and relapsing. He was also charged with committing an offence during the operative term of a suspended sentence.

Arguing, the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty, defence lawyer Dean Hili requested bail. However this was heavily objected to by the defence.

Prosecuting inspector Joseph Busuttil held the accused has a serious drug addiction and is not reliable. Further more witnesses in this case still need to give evidence and the crime is of a serious nature.

Sitting behind her son, Zammit's mother informed the court of the family's address, after the accused could not remember the details of his residence.

Hearing Zammit fail to remember his own address Magistrate Francesco Depasquale refused bail stating the case is of a serious nature and the accused is untrustworthy. Zammit was remanded in custody.

Inspectors Joseph Mercieca and Joseph Busuttil prosecuted.

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