Two youths jailed over theft

Court imprisons two youths convicted of breaking into and stealing from the residence of an elderly woman.

Two youths were imprisoned for four years and six months, and ordered to pay court expenses after being found guilty of stealing from the house of an elderly woman two years ago.

Jonathan Felice, 23 of Gzira, and Ryan Briffa, 21 of Qormi, were accused of breaking into the residence of an elderly woman. The two were charged with stealing cash and damaging private property, committing an offence while on probation and breaching previous releases. Briffa alone was accused of carrying an unlicensed penknife.

The prosecution recounted how, at 6am on 9 November 2011, the police were informed that two men had forced entry into a residence in Constitution Street, Mosta. Officers called on site and the accused were apprehended as they tried to hide on the roof of the house. Searches revealed that Felice was in possession of €350 in cash and a gold necklace. A silver keychain and a penknife were found on Briffa.

Taking the witness stand, victim Maria Sant confirmed that the gold necklace and silver key-chain belonged to her. Some days after the incident, her son Claudio retrieved a screwdriver from inside a small stable adjacent to the house. The door, which was forced open, had damage marks.

Magistrate Audrey Demicoli found the two youths guilty and jailed each of them for four years and six months. The youths were also ordered to pay €420.90 in court fees.