Relapser jailed over theft

Man who stole toiletries from a supermarket while on bail admits to charges, gets three-month jail term.

Wayne Delia, 26 of Paola was jailed for three months after pleading guilty to stealing toiletries from a supermarket last year.

Prosecuting Inspector Jurgen Vella told the court how the man was apprehended after he stole gels, blades and aftershave from Carter’s Supermarket in Paola. The items had a total value of €168.95. Delia was charged with theft, breaching of bail conditions and relapsing.

He admitted to all three charges.

In delivering judgement, Magistrate Consuello Scerri Herrera commented that with his actions Delia tainted the trust the court had placed in him when he was granted bail. “In view of this, the court sees no other alternative than to impose an effective jail term,” the Magistrate said.

Delia was jailed for three months.

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