Sicilians jailed for cannabis possession

Two men from Catania admit to be in possession of cannabis not for their personal use

Francesco Consalvo, 26, and Filippo Parasole, 29, both of Catania, were imprisoned for eight months after pleading guilty to being in possession of 70 grams of cannabis each .

Prosecuting Inspector Nikolai Sant told the court that the amount of cannabis discovered was enough for 350 cannabis joints, thus denoting that it was not for personal use.

“The typical dose for a joint is 0.2 grams of cannabis, so inevitably, this means that the 70 grams found in possession of the accused was not for their personal use.”

The two Sicilians pleaded guilty.

Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras sentenced the men to eight months behind bars and fined them €800 each.

The court ordered that the drugs be destroyed.

Inspector Nikolai Sant prosecuted.