Updated | Prosecution requesting necessary documentation for Sicilian mafia boss's extradition

Sebastiano Brunno remanded in custody pending his extradition to Italy

Sebastiano Brunno was arrested in Malta
Sebastiano Brunno was arrested in Malta

Proceedings for the extradition of Sicilian mafia boss Sebastiano Brunno kicked off today. As per court procedure, the prosecution will now request the authorisation of the Justice Minister for his extradition to Italy.

The prosecution’s request was filed this morning at 10.30am

The prosecution has been given ten days to do so. The request to the Justice Minister is made on the first court sitting after the accused is arraigned.

The prosecution also requested the necessary documentation from overseas. The Justice Minister, currently in Luxembourg for the Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting, will study the file and proceed with the authorisation on his return.

Magistrate Aaron Bugeja explained that in order for an extradition request to proceed, the prosecution must first procure the authorisation of the justice minister. He consequently gave the prosecution ten days to do so.

Mafia boss Sebastiano Brunno, of Sicily, is wanted in Italy to serve a life sentence after being found guilty of murder, attempted murder and possession of weapons in the 1990s.

Brunno was arrested by Maltese police on 29 September. The criminal had been wanted since 2009, and was arrested in Bugibba. Brunno was allegedly found to be in possession of an Italian identity card which attempted to pass him off as a 49-year-old male from Palermo.

Sources said that Maltese police had been notified of Brunno’s possible presence in July, and that an arrest warrant had been issued on 22 July.

The operation was coordinated by the Catania antimafia unit, who participated in the arrest. Brunno is considered to be the current head of the Nardo cosca.

Lawyers Marion Camilleri, Angie Muscat, and Clint Tabone were defence counsel, while deputy Attorney General Donatella Frendo Dimech and Inspector Mario Cuschieri prosecuted.