Updated | Police officer grievously injured in Bormla argument

A sergeant was injured when three men fell on him as he tried to stop an argument

A police sergeant was hospitalized for injuries suffered to his knee after three men fell on him.

In a statement, the police’s communications office said that two police officers intervened to calm down an argument that had erupted between three men, aged 18, 24 and 29.

The incident took place in the area known as the fortifications of St Paul in Bormla. Following a report made, two officers rushed to site but the situation had calmed down by their arrival.

However, the trio started arguing again and the police intervened, only for the three men to end up falling on the police officer. It is as yet unclear what went on.

During the argument, a second police officer – a constable – was also injured.

The sergeant suffered grievous injuries whilst but is not in critical condition.

The three men have been arrested and an investigation has been launched.