Exclusive: MaltaToday reveals JPO presentation on divorce to PN executive

MaltaToday on Sunday today reveals the entire presentation handed out to the Nationalist Party’s executive committee.

In it, Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, who presented a bill on divorce to the surprise of Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, argues against the discrimination of foreign divorces being recognised in Malta, while remarriage after separation remains illegal, the only country apart from the Philippines.

“Divorce is desired mostly by those individuals who, after having suffered the breakdown of their marriage, now seek to build a new life and a new family with their partner. Does it make sense for the State to discourage this from happening? The State can relate more in a regulated way with a formal family unit, rather than with a couple who is cohabitating, for various reasons including tax, social services, etc.”

In his point by point presentation, reproduced verbatim in MaltaToday, Pullicino Orlando also argues against the confessional stance of certain MPs: “ ‘God is against divorce’. There are many who are against divorce due to their religious beliefs. I do not blame them, but a country cannot legislate according to religious beliefs. If we had to do so, contraceptives would be illegal in our country, and adultery and homosexuality would be criminal acts.”

The MP also warns the party not to allow Labour to “cultivate political capital” out of the issue.

Read the full presentation today in MaltaToday.

Prosit JPO,other politicians should follow,a politician's duty is towards his country and not religion,as for religion there is the church PUNTO E BASTA
Martin Scicluna
I am fully against divorce. Seems a referendum its going to be held but hope taht they will vote against
Mark Fenech
Well done JPO. Another Ħaż-Żebbuġ first. He is a credit to our village able to speak his mind/heart out for those who are suffering this current injustice, where the rich can divorce and the middle class or the poor are treated like second class citizens, where they do not have the same privileges. I am not after divorse, having been married for over 43 years, but I still feel it is unfair to a good number of persons who had their lives destroyed by their wife or husband and cannot have a second chance or need to spend a lot of money to get a divorce from abroad, and the Church tribunal takes ages and need a lot of evidence to annul a marriage. Something which they cannot achieve if the other party is not interested to stand witness. So it is the injured party that keeps suffering. This in particular where there are no children involved. Come on let us be fair to all our citizens.