Marlene Pullicino now in favour of divorce

Labour MP Marlene Pullicino is backing divorce, believing the time is right that a divorce Bill be formulated.

Pullicino has been toying with the idea for two years, The Times reports, with her belief in the Catholic religion and a broken marriage to Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando playing a role in her decision.

"I have spoken to many people, including priests and theologians, and they exonerated me of my guilt because I realised that legislating for divorce does not mean I am going against my Catholic beliefs,” Pullicino said.

The Labour MP said her anti-divorce position, which she had publicly expressed in an issue of Pink magazine, was receiving constant scrutiny, which led her to consider the alternate position in favour of divorce.

"Some people made me see things in a different light. I realised that as a representative of the people I could not represent only Catholics, I was being narrow-minded enough to disregard this responsibility," Pullicino told the Times.

However, the divorce Bill must “not trivially do away with the permanence of marriage, she claimed, and must be fully aware of the Bill’s safeguards before agreeing with it.

doris cassar
I believe that the labour supporters that suffered for their political beliefs, my parents included, would appreciate that things have changed for the better. Just the fact that we are finally openly discussing the divorce issue, without the threat of religious wrath, shows that the Church in Malta has learned from its past mistakes. If we keep on living in the past, how can we hope for a better future? Regarding MPs and their personal beliefs, Dr Pullicino has come to terms with her conscious and recognises that she not only represents fervent roman catholic voters but an electorate with a broad scope of beliefs and opinions. I think it was mature of her to admit she has changed her opinion on such a hot issue, knowing very well the fallout that might ensue.
Alfred Galea
Between 50/51 thousand. Frankie, the PL realised that it doesn't pay to fight against the local church, it won't win you it sacrifices its principles and even tries to be everythibg for everybody. On the other hand the PN asks how high when the church tells it to jump and it has an automatic 10,000 votes in its pockets.
joseph mercieca
How times have changed! In my time Labour MPs and supportres alike were ready to go to prison and burn in hell for their priniciples. I remember when civil marriage was introduced and homesexuality was abolished as a crime, no Labour MP sought clerical guidance. These were human rights and Labour was always a defender of human rights no matter what the church said. So why should Mrs Pullicino, or any Labour MP for that matter, make a big deal out of it? Divorce is a human right and therefore all Labour MPs should be in favour of its introduction. Apart from being a human right, divorce in Malta would end descrimination against those who cannot afford to get divorce from abroad. It really baffles me that today the Labour Party is so spineless to render Divorce a matter of conscious! It is nonesense of Joe Muscat to give a free vote and it only shows that he wants the cake and eat it. It is way of the mark that today's Labour Party considers divorce a matter of conscience as it is betraying the progressive principle it (says) adheres to. The party should concentrate its conscience on the abolition of any residue of privilege, and descrinination in Malta and giving civil and economic rights to those who don't have them because of the absence divorce. I used to believe that these were the bedrock of the party. I am very disappointed that the party has not come out crystal clear in favour of divorce. I am used to a Labour Party that does not compromise on principles. But that was yesteryear, now we have a new party that is ashamed of its past, so much so that is even changing its emblem. Whilst at it, why don't we change its name?! Sorry we did, now it's PL not MLP,(was it on the advice of guru Leyson) pathetic!!! I have in mind those 64,000 plus (Suldati ta' l-azzar) who voted Labour in 1962 defying the almight Sir Michael Gonzi and ready to go to hell for their principles. I am trying to imagine how they would react at being told that Labour MPs were seeking advice from tha clergy on how to vote in parlaiment.
Mark Fenech
Divorce is a civil right. Divorce is already in Malta and has been here for many years, but it is only available for the rich people who can afford to go abroad and get a divorce and then come to Malta and register it and thus they are single again. the Church has its right to speak about divorce, but this is a civil right, nothing less and nothing more. It is a social service and no referenda have ever been held on such matters, why should there be a referendum now? Most probably because, persons fear that if they speak out in favour openly they will once again face the 60s Church punishments. That is history now, the world have changed and the Church will not repeat those mistakes again. Please legislate with urgency, otherwise we would still not be enjoying EU's full membership rights.
John Camilleri
Priests and confessors told Pullicino it's OK to legislate for divorce? This is what Americans call "covering all bases." Seriously though, I guess however these rather confused Maltese politicians want to justify legislating for divorce is fine with me. Just pass the damned bill and move on!!
Well Now it has begun - I was amazed how such ppl are using thier relious beliefs, to be against such a simple human right. it's not favour or against that is a human right. Ofcourse it must be introduced and as quickly as possible (should have been years that has been allready introduced) you know what it mean, when someone starts saying that he or she when praying to GOD is starting to hear GOD Or SO talking to him/her???? Just stop these lies a true psychiatrist can say his say about a person saying GOd or so is talking to him- Why all this hatred ? why? let ppl live thier lives pls. its has nothing to do with social benefits or so- it is allready here the benefits are allready taken by single mothers etc... and yes they need help because their is innocent kids- so pls stop this LIE against Divorce- To be continued
Martin Scicluna
well i am against 100percent in divorce. Well the electoral will decide if will be or by referendum or by the General Elections. The Church must not talk as people decide not the church