Zwieg bla Divorzju says Moviment Iva removed unpopular divorce ad

Anti-divorce lobby Zwieg bla Divorzju has claimed Moviment Iva cancelled one of its TV adverts for the divorce referendum campaign, because “it revealed the way the movement was promoting marriage without commitment.”

Zwieg bla Divorzju said the advert contained a message by a personality, and that the spot was also removed on Iva’s YouTube page.

“The negative reaction to this advert led the pro divorce lobby to remove it because it said the following message: ‘Couples married after 20 years say “look, we’re not good for each other”. Why can’t these people emerge from this commitment? People must have the liberty and the right to emerge from this commitment.’

Zwieg bla Divorzju spokesperson Dr Arthur Galea Salomone said the pro divorce lobby was clearly in favour of a ‘reason-less’ divorce and a marriage with an expiry date.

“We’d be putting our children and our country on the road to ruin if we throw away the concept of commitment… the promise spouses make to each other should not be broken off for no reason at all. The divorce bill means that any spouse will be able to impose a divorce on the other spouse – a big injustice,” Galea Salomone said.

Mr.Galea salamone, A man or a woman , any time can file for a seperation in court, without the other part want it. all cases are different, cause all have his/her own story. And some would be allready with a new partner, and they will form another family. These situations were , are and will still be, with divorce law or without divorce law. There is nothing in this world, that has good or bad only. Unfortunatley abuses , will be , like in everything else. Maybe a no fault is not that good true... That's why after the referendum I wish all MPs will discuss this in parlament , and will do some changes if neseccary in the divorce law, I know and I belive that the one who broke the marriage must pay, Cause it's not fair to the other part to suffer injustice. BUT A DIVORCE LAW MUST BE DONE. What about one of the spouses have allready a new family? would you allow that the other part will be seen as still married by law? That is a great Injustice. What if it was one's son or daughter, how would we feel in such?