PN pledges entity for the promotion of the Maltese language

PN leader Bernard Grech says careers in sports, arts and culture should be treated with respect

PN leader Bernard Grech (Photo: PN)
PN leader Bernard Grech (Photo: PN)

PN leader Bernard Grech pledged that in government the party would be setting up a ‘Dar tal-Malti’, an entity for the promotion of the good use of the Maltese language.

Grech spoke at a poorly attended PN meeting in Zejtun on a cold Tuesday evening, during which he thanked MP Mario Galea for his work in the locality. Galea decided not to contest the next general action, saying to MaltaToday that party insiders made his life a “living hell”.

He spoke of the importance of voluntary work and said the NGOs are facing disproportionate burdens imposed by the government. “We can’t have a one size fits all. We not only believe in voluntary work but we will invest to reduce administrative bureaucracy for them to sustain NGOs.”

Grech said that careers in sports, art and culture deserve respect and should not treated any less than any other profession. He reiterated PN’s pledge to reduce the income tax of people in the arts and sports fields to 5% on the first €80,000 made.

According to Grech the pandemic measures were applied discriminately and said that the election became a “new vaccine”, with the relaxation of measures in rallies.

“Let’s open the country and remove the measures for all for people, so they can lead a normal life. Let us truly show that we believe in science.”

During the night the PN presented its candidates for the third district; John Baptist Camilleri, Janice Chetcuti, Errol Cutajar, Carm Mifsud Bonnici, Mary Muscat, Leon Sciberras and Stephen Spiteri.

The third district consists of the localities of Żejtun, Għaxaq, Marsaskala and Marsaxlokk.

PN MP Carm Mifsud Bonnici led a passionate plea in support of democracy in Ukraine and condemned the “undemocratic” actions of Russia.

He appealed to voters to remain hopeful, despite the surveys, and to vote on 26 March. “Imagine if Borg Olivier had given up on the Independence or Fenech Adami on the European Union,” Mifsud Bonnici said.

He also thanked Mario Galea for his political work. “I publically thank him as we all know how much he suffered. In the name of all in the district, I want to thank you for what you have done in Zejtun,” Mifsud Bonnici said while the crowd held a standing ovation.