Extra Air Malta flights for voters travelling to Malta

Extra flights announced, call centre opening hours extended.

Air Malta is making travel arrangements for eligible Maltese voters currently abroad to travel on its services to enable them to vote in the forthcoming General Election of the 9th March 2013.

Apart from offering seats on its scheduled services, the airline has also announced it will be operating 6 extra flights on Luxemburg, Dublin and Manchester as per the following schedule

(All times local)

Luxemburg  DepArr 
Thursday 7 March KM3427 Luxemburg 1630hrs 1910hrs Malta
Saturday 9 March KM3426 Malta 1700hrs 1950hrs Luxemburg
Dublin  DepArr 
Thursday 7 March KM3217 Dublin 0305hrs 0750hrs Malta
Sunday 10 March KM3216 Malta 2120hrs 0005hrs Dublin
Manchester  DepArr 
Thursday 7 March KM3143 Manchester 0120hrs 0555hrs Malta
Saturday 9 March KM3142 Malta 2200hrs 0035hrs Manchester

Air Malta's call centre will today also extend its call centre opening hours till midnight.

The airline will review these opening hours if and when the need arises.

These travel arrangements are available for:

(a) eligible voters including those married to foreigners, studying, working or undergoing medical treatment abroad; and

(b) dependents of the persons referred to in (a) above.

Inbound travel to Malta is possible from 27th February to 9th March 2013 and return travel is from 9th March to 17th March 2013.

Those persons who will opt for early voting on the 2nd March 2013 can travel to Malta from 27th February and may return as of the 2nd March and not later than 17th March 2013.

Those voting early have to apply at the Electoral Commission by latest noon on Friday 1st March 2013.

Reservations may not be changed and tickets are non-refundable. All relevant details that include names and surnames as per passport, ID card, address on ID card, email addresses, credit cards details and contact phone numbers (including mobile number) will be required at the booking stage prior authorisation of any ticket issuance.

Details for dependents should include age, followed by date of birth.

Reservations may be made at the Air Malta Call Centre on this specific number (+356) 2599 1230. The centre will be open between Monday to Saturday from 0800 to 2100hrs and on Sunday from 0800 to 1700hrs.


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Joseph MELI
I possess dual nationality(British/Maltese) and I am still eligible to vote in all UK elections.I am afforded the following options to vote from MALTA or wherever I may be in the world at election time. 1.VIA A PROXY 2.VIA REGISTERED MAIL 3.VIA A SECURE ONLINE PORTAL. 4.VIA AN OVERSEAS EMBASSY OR CONSULATE(NOT ALL- BUT SOME). All are more cost-effective and all much more-citizen-friendly.
Joseph MELI
Extra-and totally unnecessary - costs to the taxpayers .It would appear that austerity has bypassed us-as we have money to burn-in aviation fuel!
A stupid and senseless waste of time and money. Why not send voters their voting document with a return envelope in which they put their vote. "Do not open till 9th March" and on the day you count the votes and tick them off on the register like you would any other voter. What's the problem?