Labour leader in Zurrieq promises hawkers to ‘let them work in peace’ [WATCH]

Election banter, football natter, and lots of hand-shaking down at the market.

Muscat, a Milan supporter, greets an Inter fan at the Zurrieq market.
Muscat, a Milan supporter, greets an Inter fan at the Zurrieq market.

Yet another day of Labour electioneering started at another market visit, this time in Zurrieq where he was greeted by well-wishers, all auguring a Labour win for the 9 March elections.

Together with his wife Michelle and Labour MPs Carmelo Abela and Marlene Pullicino, Muscat toured the market, shaking hands with the hawkers and customers and - being a Milan supporter - also joked with one of the hawkers wearing an Inter jacket.

In a short address following the tour, Muscat reiterated the unifying message which the PL wanted to deliver.

"On the 9th of March, you will be asked to make a choice... But after that we must work as one country," Muscat said.

Like at visits, Muscat insisted that the PL would continue with its "positive campaign, unlike others".

"Michelle and I are serene because we are putting forward an agenda which doesn't paint faces," he said, directing the jibe at the PN's billboard depicting Muscat with a red face and Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi with a blue face.

"A Labour government would treat everyone the same because we are all Maltese and proud to be so. Let us work for a Malta for all," he said.

Moving on to his party's proposals, Muscat said a Labour government would allow self-employed to grow and prosper and facilitate their work as much as possible, even through proposals such as combating red tape.