PN saying one thing, Gonzi saying another - hunters

Accusations go back and forth between the Nationalist Party and the hunters' federations.

Hunters' federation Kaccaturi San Ubertu (KSU) has called on the Nationalist Party to clarify its position on spring and autumn hunting before Saturday.

Kaccaturi San Ubertu was referring to the accusations and denials going back and forth between the hunters' federations and the PN.

"The PN must clarify its position about spring and autumn hunting before 9 March, even more so considering that the PN's electoral manifesto and political campaign omitted this sector of society entirely," the KSU said.

The hunters' federation added that it was only the PL that had provided a clear position.

It rebutted accusations by the PN that it was spreading false allegations over whether a Nationalist government would hold a referendum on hunting if reelected.

After the Prime Minister's participation in the debate organised by The Times, the PN denied that it wanted to abolish hunting and trapping through a referendum.

When asked whether he was ready to organise a referendum on spring hunting, the Prime Minister confirmed he was ready to hold a referendum if such need would arise.

Referring to the PN campaign spot revealing its intention of "keeping country and weekends free and peaceful and birds safe within European Law", KSU said this advert made no reference to spring hunting "but generalizes and as such is considered as a threat of imposing further restrictions on hunting in both spring and autumn".

"Hunting in autumn and spring hunting derogations applied by the PN, are within European law as affirmed by the PN and only weekend and hunting on feast days in spring was denied by the PN without any form of compromise being considered," KSU said.

"A referendum organized by Lawrence Gonzi would accommodate these PN intentions." 

If the hunting and trapping case is not mentioned in the PN electoral manifesto, the only solution under a PN government would be to call a referendum on the subject. This is what had happened with the divorce issue. GonziPN has repeatedly deceived you and fooled you. Your only hope for a remedy is PL ..Ghax Malta Taghna Lkoll, mhux ta GonziPN biss.
David Bongailas
So according to the PM, Monsieur Hollande is completely and totally responsible for unemployment in France. May I remind everyone that Hollande has been in government for less than 10 months so are we to believe that jobs just started disappearing automatically because Gonzi's conservative friends were kicked out of office ? This is all humbug being pushed forward by Simon Busutill were all Socialists all over the world are bad and all conservatives are good. Just ask the Brits whether they are happy with a tory government ? Ask the portuguese what they think of their conservative polticians or for that matter ask the scandinavians whether socialist policies work or not!!