Pjazza presenter says reserved parking spot recommended for police protection

One TV host Karl Stagno Navarra says police requested reserved spot after receiving death threat

Labour Party TV propaganda host Karl Stagno Navarra
Labour Party TV propaganda host Karl Stagno Navarra

Labour Party TV propaganda host Karl Stagno Navarra has claimed a reserved parking spot outside his house in Sliema was recommended by the police over an alleged death threat he received.

Stagno Navarra posted details of the death threat on Facebook, after a resident posted a photo of his reserved parking spot on social media.

Karl Stagno Navarra stated that the police said that by having a reserved parking spot, they could better survey his car outside his property.

“The parking spot was ordered by the police and it was their assessment of risk which requested that frequent patrols gave eyes on the vehicle which has now been thankfully compromised together with my home address!” his post read.

The television host also posted the letter he received, with the senders claiming they did canvassing work for former Nationalist Party minister Austin Gatt and now for MP Claudio Grech.

“We have long stood by and watched you speak against the PN, now its enough. We have decided that if you mention Claudio Grech we will do to you what they did to Gaddafi,” the letter read.

Karl Stagno Navarra

Karl Stagno Navarra added a new photo.

“Be careful when you open the door of your car […] get ready, because you are on your way to be killed if you keep up with your antics” another part of the letter read.

The letter concluded by warning Stagno Navarra to not mention Claudio Grec or else his life would end.

The threat is among a string of letters the ONE TV host has received, posting other letters he received in the comments section.

“I stayed quiet and said nothing in an effort not to disturb ongoing police investigations into a series of what investigators have described to me as 'very serious threats' towards me,” he said.

In the other letters he was also threatened with a “magnetic car bomb”, as well as a blood-stained tissue.

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