Malta and Turkey hold talks with GNA leader over Libya’s future

Malta and Turkey’s foreign ministers hold talks with GNA leader Fayez-al-Sarraj to discuss the latest situation in Libya 

Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo and Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu met with Fayez-al-Sarraj from the Government of National Accord to discuss a political solution to end Libya’s conflict. 

“There is no military solution to the Libyan crisis, and stability and security of Libya are of a great significance,” a government statement read. 

Government said that Malta and Turkey both agreed that companies from the countries should return to Libya, while flights between the three countries should resume. 

The three countries also agreed that illegal migration posed a threat not just to the European Union but to Libya as well. 

“There is a need to strengthen the Libyan southern borders and combat human trafficking and smuggling. Malta and Turkey expressed their readiness to support the Government of National Accord in this regard by providing the necessary needs and equipment to upgrade the capabilities of the Libyan Coast Guard,” a government statement read. 

The countries also agreed on the need for EU participation in tackling the root causes of illegal migration. 

The three delegations also expressed their reservations on Operation Irini, while highlighting its shortcomings. 

A joint working team to coordinate efforts and cooperation in order to translate any decided matters into concrete and practical projects, was also agreed on by the countries.