[WATCH] Two cars removed from Wied Bassasa by Parks Malta officials

Two rusty vehicles which had been dumped in the valley around 20 years ago, and more than one ton of domestic waste removed by Parks Malta officials from the Zurrieq valley  

Farmers in the area say the cars had been dumped over 20 years ago
Farmers in the area say the cars had been dumped over 20 years ago

Parks Malta officials have successfully removed two cars which had been dumped illegally in Wied Bassasa, Zurrieq.  

The operation, carried out on Monday, saw the removal of the two rusty vehicles which farmers in the area said have been there for around 20 years.  

The dumped cars were spotted by Parks Malta officials during a routine clean-up in the valley.  

After notifying police for the necessary clearance, a crane with a reach of over three storeys was called in to retrieve the dumped vehicles which were located more than 12 metres below street level.  

Parks Malta workers tasked with carrying out the clean-up also had to respect the surrounding fauna when extracting the vehicles, as the area is protected.  

Workers also managed to remove more than one ton of waste from the area, which had been hidden from sight due to vegetation. Glass bottles, broken chairs, tanks, broken barbeques, tyres, fridges and other domestic waste were removed.  

Park Malta called on people to refrain from dumping waste in the countryside, insisting people use the legal and free services offered by government.