Customs seize 338 bottles of alcohol arriving from Sicily

338 bottles of undeclared wine, whiskey and liquor stopped during routine check-ups  

File Photo
File Photo

A van arriving on the catamaran from Sicily was found to be carrying 338 bottles of undeclared spirits by customs officials on Monday.

The van was stopped during routine check-ups at the arrivals terminal, after it had failed to declare the goods which included whiskey, liquor and wine.

The items were seized pending investigation by the Customs Officials.

Customs warned that anyone carrying excisable goods through the borders is obliged to declare them to customs.

Undeclared cash found 

On Sunday, customs officials discovered €17,000 in undeclared cash at the Malta International Airport. 

The cash was discovered by a "trusty canine" on a passenger departing to Instanbul. The passenger was an Eritrean national. 

Last week customs dog Charlie also managed to sniff out €22,000 in undeclared cash on a passenger departing to Istanbul.

The bust was carried out after officials were conducting inspections on the departure flight heading to Turkey.