Gas canisters found in recycled waste: ‘Irresponsibility punishable by criminal law’

Three gas canisters delivered to wasteServ through recyclables collection: ‘a level of irresponsibility that could have had tragic consequences punishable by criminal law’

Early Thursday morning, WasteServ identified three gas canisters amongst the recyclable material from the door-to-door collection.

Two of the canisters were full and one of them was empty, probably due to the dents sustained either in the garbage collection truck or in the bag opener at WasteServ’s reception facility.

The canisters were in a transparent bag and could have easily been identified prior to their arrival at WasteServ.

“These are acts of gross irresponsibility that leave us without words. The disposal of explosive material through the door-to-door collection is not simply out of order but can lead to various consequences which amount to serious criminal offences,” WasteServ said.

“Unfortunately, such occurrences are still a reality and just this month through the recyclables collection other dangerous items, such as shotgun cartridges and smoke emitting flares were received.”

A police report has been filed. WasteServ said it will safeguard its workforce at all costs, including if need be, by banning access to its facilities to all those who are not deemed to be doing whatever possible to ensure that the material delivered is safe.