English-language schools to be reopened for vaccinated adult students

Public health superintendence issues exceptions for English-language schools to allow vaccinated adult students to Malta

The Federation of English-language schools (FELTOM) has welcomed new exceptions for vaccinated students to return to Malta, enacted by legal notice by the Public Health Superintendent.

The amendments allow for exceptions and special permissions in line with decisions taken by the health authorities.

This amendment follows the decision to close all the English language schools earlier this month.

The Superintendent of Public Health also followed with amendments which include the re-opening of schools for fully-vaccinated adult students. 

“FELTOM has always stood up for the various serious operators in the sector, which have been crippled after the sudden decision to close the classrooms, after a spike attributed to the ELT school. This, notwithstanding the fact that statistics show that only a small percentage of foreigners aged between 0-24 who visit Malta, come to learn English,” the organisation said.

“FELTOM strongly believes that the re-opening of the schools should be solely and exclusively for fully-vaccinated adult students who have every right to visit Malta as any other fully-vaccinated tourist.  Denying them this right is, in itself, discriminatory and will further damage the sector financially and reputationally. “

FELTOM said the change to the legal notice was the first step towards the industry’s return to normality.