Arnold Cassola to run as independent in 10th and 11th districts

Arnold Cassola will contest the next general election as an independent candidate 

Arnold Cassola
Arnold Cassola

Arnold Cassola will be contesting the 10th and 11th districts as an independent candidate at the forthcoming national elections.

“My pledge is to exercise honest politics to serve all the people of Malta and Maltese society,” said Cassola.

Cassola had resigned from Alternattiva Demokratika in 2019 after 30 years, following a disagreement over abortion. Cassola had also served as chairperson of the party.

Cassola said that the bi-party system had made a political mess, with many politicians being controlled by “certain dishonest and greedy businessmen”.

He remarked that the institutions do not cater for the common man on the street and that inequality rules, with many Maltese struggling to make ends meet.

Cassola said, “The Maltese electorate has the choice of breaking this toxic mould of politics by electing to parliament independent and third-party candidates with real values, whose hallmark is honesty, integrity, credibility and consistency. If not, we will have much more of the same.”

He added that the people deserve better, and they have a right to vote for a change.