[WATCH] Cabinet green lights Gozo development strategy for the decade

Cabinet has granted its approval to the Gozo Regional Development Strategy document and also shifted plans concerning Ħondoq, prime minister Robert Abela confirms in Facebook reel

Cabinet has granted its approval to the Gozo Regional Development Strategy document, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced on Tuesday.

In a Facebook reel, Abela revealed that this document outlines the strategic framework for Gozo's advancement over the coming decade. The same video was later uploaded to YouTube.

“It has been collaboratively composed in consultation with Gozo's society, non-governmental organizations, and various other stakeholders,” Abela added.

Central to this strategy, Abela explained, is the recognition of Gozo as an archipelago of distinct villages, each possessing its own unique identity and characteristics.

“The plan also places a strong emphasis on positioning Gozo as a hub for high-quality employment opportunities and professional growth.”

Abela underscored the substantial progress that Gozo has achieved in recent times, asserting that the imperative now is to sustain and fortify these accomplishments.

Among the focal points outlined in the strategy is the aspiration to create more open spaces across Gozo and to enhance connectivity for the island's residents.

In a separate decision open for public consultation, the Cabinet authorised a shift in plans concerning the Ħondoq area. 

This proposed adjustment aims to transfer the area to the public domain and marks a departure from previous development intentions.

Emphasising the government's stance, Abela affirmed, that the intention is to preserve the Ħondoq area from further development. 

This decision will be open for public consultation.