Joseph Muscat’s father has passed away after battle with cancer

Former PM’s father, Saviour Muscat, dies after two-year struggle with cancer

Saviour Muscat, the father of former PM Joseph Muscat, has died
Saviour Muscat, the father of former PM Joseph Muscat, has died

The father of former prime minister Joseph Muscat, Saviour Muscat, has passed away after a two-year struggle with cancer.

It was the former PM who announced the death in a Facebook post on Monday afternoon.

Saviour Muscat was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer two-and-a-half years ago and was given only a few months to live by doctors. However, he battled on to live for much longer.

In a tribute to his father, Joseph Muscat said he had been hoping that his father would be able to experience the Christ the Saviour feast for a third time this August. “Things took a turn for the worse in 24 hours,” he said, adding he was not present during his father’s last moments.

Saviour Muscat died surrounded by his wife Grace, Michelle Muscat and granddaughters Etoile and Soleil.

“I feel serene because my father and I were close for the past 50 years, and more so in these past two years-and-a-half. He worked for his family and taught me to cherish hard work,” Joseph Muscat said, describing his father as one of his harshest critics in politics.

“If something passed the test of his criticism, I’d know it would be a good thing,” the former PM wrote.

Saviour Muscat was an importer of pyrotechnic chemicals and explosives, making him a well-known figure among festa enthusiasts.

Joseph Muscat thanked the doctors who cared for his father at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre at Mater Dei Hospital with a special mention for Health Minister Jo Etienne Abela, who “never stopped caring for him as his patient”.

In a short message on Facebook, Prime Minister Robert Abela described Saviour Muscat as a “gentle person” with “strong values”.

Abela offered his condolences to Muscat’s wife, Grace, Joseph Muscat and his family.

Saviour Muscat’s death comes a week after Joseph Muscat was charged in court with corruption and other crimes in connection with the Vitals hospitals scandal.