Mixed reactions to budget from Alternattiva Demokratika

AD welcomes extended maternity leave but expresses disappointment with lack of emphasis on green jobs.

Reacting to the budget, Alternattiva Demokratika emphasised the importance of a sustainable budget to curb the deficit in a global crisis context.

AD agreed with certain measures such as tax deductions to all parents, the increase of maternity leave, incentives to use rundown properties and the deficit reduction after proposing these measures for several years.

Some negative aspects were noted in the budget by AD such as too little emphasis placed on alternative energy and green jobs as oil prices continue to increase.

AD also said there are no measures to mitigate property speculation and the minimum wage will not increase, despite the hardships faced by low income earners.

“The environment and the economy are different faces of the same coin. Environmental degradation will create more costs to the Maltese economy, whereas AD calls for holistic policies which protect the environment and create green jobs,” AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio said.

AD also said that a worrying aspect was the fact that in some taxation measures the more one earns the greater the reduction in tax: “It should have been those with the lowest wages who should have benefited most”.


Does it matter what AD says