Repeated vandalism and fires at Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park

Unknown individuals remove park gate with force, throw it away in unknown location

The gate at the park repeatedly vandalised
The gate at the park repeatedly vandalised

The Majjistral Park Management Board had denounced more vandalistic acts at the park where, yet again, the gate to limit vehicular access to the park was removed with force and disposed of in an unknown location.

The park is working to control access so as to limit damage of the already heavily eroded soils and trampled garigue habitats as well as to curb illegal offroading and dumping whilst making it a safer place for visitors.

The management said that the installing of gates was part of a long process of collaboration with local park users who have titles on the land within the enclosed area and who were given keys to easily access the area. Visitors on foot and bicycle could continue to access the park without hindrance.

More vandalism was also suffered on interpretation panels around the park.

The management also said that various fires of unknown origin spread throughout the park at ix-Xagħra l-Ħamra on Sunday night. These were controlled by the Civil Protection Department who were alerted by a local farmer passing by.

Earlier fires were also noticed in at least two patches of freshly burnt land at Wied Żnuber and Rdum Majjiesa. 

The park management also thanked the CPD for intervening to control the damage to farmland and natural vegetation.

The Park management also urged the public to contact the police (119) and the park management to report any illegal or suspicious activities whilst any fires are to be reported on 112.

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