Malta’s perm rep to EU addresses Muesac members

Malta’s ambassador to EU Marlene Bonnici addresses members of Meusac’s core group, insists committee played important role in engaging society in EU decisions.

Marlene Bonnici.
Marlene Bonnici.

Malta's ambassador to the European Union Marlene Bonnici addressed members of the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee (Meusac) Core Group for the first time since her permenant representative appointment last July.

Musesac's role is to engage civil society in the EU decision-making process.

Bonnici is a former member of the Core Group.

She said that she had communicated with Muesac before Malta joined the European Union, playing a vital role in consultations between social partners and the civil society regarding regional politics.

She further stated that Muesac played an important role in informing Maltese citizens about the European Union, making the process of consultations with civil society easier - a process that helps involve citizens in government's decisions in terms of legislative proposals presented to the EU Council.

"This was highly important since today the EU delves into various aspects that effect people directly, an opportunity for those who don't have the opportunity to voice directly their opinion during the discussion process," she said.

Bonnici also spoke about the latest decisions concerning the European Semister, the Financial Multi-Annual Package (2014-2020), and the Banking Union.

Meanwhile, Prof Joe Bannister, Chairman, Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) updated members about the legislative proposals for an increase in surveillance on European banks.

Members present were asked to share their views on how they think the proposals can effect Malta and if a one size fits all attitude should be adopted in the surveillance of banks in the EU.

This point was also raised by Bonnici, referring to the constant work done by government officials and Malta's permanent representatives in Brussels that were constantly making sure that the stance Malta takes within the European Union Council is backed by strong arguments and by other EU Member State representatives.

Muesac head Vanni Xuereb said that it was important that civil society organisations grasped the opportunities and tools that government offered through Meusac to voice their opinion, both during local consultation structured meetings and on an EU level as well.

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Chris Said who led the meeting, thanked Bonnici for her sterling work, emphasising that a number of good results were being achieved through Malta's representative submissions that take place on an EU level, where the country was most benefiting in its ongoing development.

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