Forum hits out at ‘dangerous’ proposal for technocrats

Union confederation says employers’ proposal for technocrats and limits on COLA should be opposed.

No to technocrats, Forum said, like those that Italian PM Mario Monti has in his Cabinet.
No to technocrats, Forum said, like those that Italian PM Mario Monti has in his Cabinet.

The 11-union confederation Forum has hit out at a proposal by the Malta Employers Union to have technocrats take Cabinet positions and ministries, saying it would continue to defend free elections where the people elect those who govern Malta.

"The MEA has decided to speak for the entire population and the thousands of workers contributing to the economy and trying ot make both ends meet... we will defend free elections where the people, not the prime minister, elects those who government the country," Forum secretary-general Paul Pace said.

Pace said the MEA's "dangerous" proposal had been introduced in countries employing austerity measures that included "dismantling social protection, increased labour market flexibility, growing inequality, challenges to collective bargaining and social dialogue, lowering of pensions, social exclusion, downward pressure on wages and precarious work."

Forum also hit out at MEA's proposal to limit the cost-of-living-allowance increase to workers who are on minimum wage.

"Forum strongly opposes such a suggestion, which, if accepted would lead to further hundreds of workers [pushed] close to poverty. The COLA has been agreed by all social partners at MCESD and should stand."

Pace said workers all over Europe were paying a steep price for austerity measures that were dragging Europe into further stagnation, and call on the Maltese government to employ transparency and accountability in its bid to deliver more social justice through tax redistribution and social protection.

L-imperatur jghazel il-generali tieghu: jaghmlu li jrridu issa l-ministri, ahseb u wara xi stragi akbar jkollna. U min qal li jintazlu skont il-mertu???????????
We need a rehash of our constitution with elections every three or our years as in most EU countries. Then the party elected will be under pressure and scrutiny to try and get their manifesto through.