Budget touted for last week of November

National broadcaster TVM says 2013 Budget to be presented on 26 or 28 November.

According to the national broadcaster TVM, the 2013 Budget will either be presented on Monday 26 or Wednesday 28 November.

TVM also said that reportedly the Cost of Living adjustment (COLA) will amount to €4.08 per week. The 2012 budget had granted a €4.66 increase, while the COLA adjustment in the 2011 budget amounted to €1.16.

Holding the budget on 26 or 28 November will mean that the first vote will be taken the following week, possibly on Monday December 3.  This would ensure that the whole process is completed before the start of the Xmas season on December 8. 

This would also give the Nationalist government enough time to fill Tonio Borg's vacant seat by casual election or by co-option.

If Tonio Borg's nomination is not derailed by a negative vote in the European parliament, which should take place by 22 November, the earliest date for the casual election to replace Tonio Borg in the Maltese Parliament will be November 30.

The election of the new PN deputy leader, to be held between November 29 and December 2, will most probably take place between the presentation of the budget and the crucial vote on the budget, a money bill on which the government could lose its majority. 

It also means that if the government does fail to garner a majority, the trauma will be felt just a few days before the 8 December public holiday, which inaugurates the Christmas season.

Earlier on Friday, Nationalist MP reiterated his threat to vote against the budget if Transport Minister Austin Gatt remains in the government Cabinet.

Luke Camilleri
Take it easy Tonio, don't hurry, keep cool and relax and even do some jet setting, plenty of time to present THE NATIONAL BUDGET whilst we down here have to BUDGET every day waiting for your high and might to give us some clu on how to budget for Christmas and the aftermath!