Deborah Schembri to chair Social Affairs Committee

Labour MP Deborah Schembri announces that she will chair parliamentary Social Affairs Committee

Labour MP Deborah Schembri
Labour MP Deborah Schembri

Labour MP and pro-divorce campaigner Deborah Schembri announced that she will be chairing the parliamentary Social Affairs Committee.

She was speaking during the 213 budget debate in parliament, delivering her maiden speech as a Labour MP.

Schembri said that in addition to leading the Social Affairs committee, she would also be serving as a member of the parliamentary Family Affairs Committee, and also representing the committee within the Council of Europe.

She said that she will be committed to working to ensure that the rights of all minorities are respected, and placed as high as possible on both the National and the European agenda.

She also highlighted that the government has already started working to improving and safeguarding the rights of minorities in Malta.

She pointed to the government's commitment to amending the marriage law to remove obstacles faced by transgender people to marry following gender reassignment surgery.

This appointment to Dr.Deborah Schembri can make Claudette Buttigieg regretting that she opened her mouth to early.