Mayor highlights challenges as cabinet meets in Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk Mayor Edric Micallef calls for more investment from the Government, welcomes decision to stop using Heavy Fuel Oil.

As part of the 'Government that listens' campaign, the government launched a series of cabinet meetings taking place in various localities. During the first meeting in Marsaxlokk this morning, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said this was a system he wanted to adopt during this legislature. 

"We want to listen to the challenges and opportunities of each locality. This is almost without precedent that cabinet members are all in one locality, taking heed of what needs to be done in a locality" Muscat said. 

The Marsaxlokk Mayor, Edric Micallef gave an overview of the challenges faced by his local council. Among several proposals, he insisted on the need of the local fishing sector to have a breakwater and a facility to store boat equipment, which currently is littering the streets.

He also proposed a national park in Delimara, after the Planning Authority rejected a similar project in 1997.

Micallef pointed out numerous heritage sites in Marsaxlokk that are abandoned or in dire need of restoration.

On behalf of the community, the mayor welcomed the government's decision to stop using heavy fuel oil, and the decision to remove the Power Station's chimney. 

"Ultimately, investing in Marsaxlokk will strengthen the Maltese touristic product" Micallef concluded. 

Mayors of localities in the same region were also present.

The meeting continued behind closed doors.

I'm all for the proposed national park in Delimara. There is enough room for everything, including designated family areas and co-ordinated BBQ areas with continuous park rangers or wardens patrolling and keeping everything under control.