Tony Zarb tempted to enter politics

In an interview with Illum, he says the Nationalist Party always sought to “undermine and destroy” the union.

For a long time, politics was a temptation for well-known trade unionist Tony Zarb, and now that he’s retiring from GWU’s secretary general it might be the right time to enter politics.

“I gave it a thought in the past but I chose to continue working within the General Workers Union. I always followed local politics but it is still premature to say whether it will simply remain a temptation. But I would not exclude it, no,” Tony Zarb said in an interview with sister newspaper Illum.

He explained that there were several reasons behind the excellent relations the GWU enjoys with the Labour Party.

“We are a leftist trade union, founded by people who were close to the Labour Party such as drydocks employees. Under various Labour Governments, the GWU’s proposals for legislation in favour of the workers were most of the time passed in parliament.”

On the other hand, he says the Nationalist Party always sought to “undermine and destroy” the union.

Questioned about the upcoming budget, Zarb said the General Workers Union will oppose any increase in direct taxes, although he’s not against indirect taxation on luxury goods. “In contrast with the working class, the wealthy can afford to carry a heavier burden,” Zarb says.

Zarb also speaks about the situation of Air Malta’s and Enemalta’s employees, and the GWU’s commitment to combat poverty and precarious work amongst other topics.

Read more in today’s issue of Illum.

Priscilla Darmenia
Keep out of politics. Don't make the same mistake of Gejtu Vella
sur zarb issa halli l hobz tal politika lill min jaf jieklu......
Mr Zarb what you should say is that the MLP made you what you are today. They used you and you used them at every opportunity.