De Marco does not envisage major amendment to civil unions bill

PN yet to discuss amendments to the civil unions bill.

PN deputy leader Mario de Marco.
PN deputy leader Mario de Marco.

The Opposition will not table amendments to the draft civil unions bill which will "alter" or change any of the rights granted by the bill, however it will make amendments to make a clear distinction between the marriage act and the civil unions legislation.

PN deputy leader Mario de Marco told MaltaToday that although the party has not yet discussed the amendments, he does not envisage "substantial" changes to the draft law.

On Monday, Civil Liberties minister Helena Dalli cautiously welcomed the Opposition's decision to back the government's proposed legislation on civil unions.

Also on Monday, the PN said it "was prepared to vote in favour" of the bill, however it would move amendments.

In a cryptic statement, the opposition said it would be moving amendments so that the Marriage Act would not apply to civil unions, because the two were different.

The brief statement followed a parliamentary group meeting, and the party explained said that in line with its electoral programme, it was in favour of civil unions for same sex couples.

Without explaining what the amendments are, the PN pointed out that it would seek consensus on its proposals.

Speaking to MaltaToday, the minister said that she "expected" the PN to back the bill since it concerned strengthening the rights of a minority.

The bill is expected to be approved and enforced by the end of the year, Dalli told MaltaToday.

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David B
Really Mario Demarco doesnt envisage major amendments to the bill! We will wait and see what these distinctions between marriage and civil partnerships the PN will be proposing . Anything which obstructs the gay community's right to a family is a major amendment. The PN's hypocrisy knows no bounds Claudette Buttigieg included!
This is where it make us catholics, in the hour of test. Being a good catholic politicians means that no matter what the party says, you stick to your radical believes. Being a catholic, is a way of everyday life, not going to church on sunday !
albert leone
Mela suppost nimxu u mhux nehduha bit-tul . . . .
Nikki Petroni
Indeed a very welcome step forward, however then please stop trying to make amendments, especially if what Dr DeMarco says is true that 'there is no difference between what the Nationalists proposed and what the Labour have tabled'. The example Dr Busuttil mentioned is okay, however any other substantial changes not in the same line, that would water it down, no please. Let us not forget this is based on the Danish model that was introduced there OVER 30 YEARS AGO, so we are by God not coming up with something novel or never tried before. Finally I completely agree again with Mario DeMarco that 'the country must "unite" under this Bill'. Let all MPs regardless of their party follow this lead, and for the good of the country, and in this case especially the gay community, do this. This is the type of constructive 'opposition' that the country needs, and I sincerely hope that it will augur more such 'cooperation' in parliament, for the welfare of our beloved island! Thank you Members of Parliament, you are doing your country proud!
Come on Demarco! Be clear! Let's not beat around the bush! What consensus are you looking for? That within your party or the one with government? Or, maybe, you want to vote against the Bill and want an excuse to be able to do it? For once, start being transparent! You made a mess out of the divorce bill. Do not make the same mistake again!
Stefan Cassar
Is the PN a party or just a bunch of confused amateurs? Is this an opposition that pretends to be serious or is still keeping electoral voting in mind so that it clowns about to try to convince people that having a botched agenda, is serious politics...According to Dr De Marco MP, the party has paid for its insensitivity to people by loosing the elections, Sorry Dr Demarco MP, you have got it wrong again, is the people who paid for your party`s intransigence and arrogance
Sur demarco, you and your party got only one choice,TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.
delia alfred
For the PN it's a 'wait and see' game. They are just waiting for the public and the gay lobby reaction before taking any action.. before presenting any amendments to the bill. So one wonders if the Opposition's attitude is one of conviction or of convenience.
I have always knew you as a good catholic, but now I will never vote vote for you or PN again in my life for approving the destruction of society. Queers need medical attention, not this fars !

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