Debono Grech says his election was a ‘miracle’

The fiery MP says he sympathises with Simon Busuttil since a 36,000 majority was unprecedented in local history.

After serving in Parliament since 1976 uninterruptedly, getting re-elected last March was no easy feat for Joe Debono Grech. 

But in an interview with Sunday newspaper ILLUM, the Labour MP believes a ‘miracle’ turned things around in the last electoral campaign.

“Initially I was not going to contest, but I could not refuse the party’s request. During the door-to-door campaign, I became aware I was not faring well. I made this known to a family I was visiting and they gave me a handkerchief from Medjugorje. I realised things started getting better from that day onwards,” the veteran MP says.

He says he did not lose hope despite he had to face an uphill struggle to get elected, saying it was heart-breaking that while he carried out visits in the rain others were given ample coverage in the media.

Debono Grech also reveals that when he contested the first European Parliament elections way back in 2004, he only did so because he was asked to by the Labour Party.

“I had no intention to go to Brussels, even if I got elected. I was not ready to abandon my family and particularly my wife, who was passing through a difficult time and needed me by her side. I only contested because the party needed to attract the votes of hard-core Labour supporters and party grassroots, months after losing the EU referendum.”

The fiery MP also confessed that he sympathises with Opposition leader Simon Busuttil following the March eelction in which the PN lost by an unprecedented 36,000 votes, adding that it’s still premature to judge Busuttil’s PN leadership.

Read more in today’s edition of ILLUM

You see, so it isn't just Tonju!! Must have something to do with hailing from B'kara!
LP supporters are still waiting to see Mr JDG to be appointed on the rowl which was shadowed by him for the last 10years in the opposition.We need more MP's who realy loved the party like Joe, not the position.
Luke Camilleri
CLASSIC LABOUR :) VINTAGE :) HONEST, A MAN OF IS WORD , A GENTLEMAN and all the Opponents have to say about him is that he is fiery or is a liability to the LP .... and yet keeps getting elected ! :)
By his own admission Debono Grech admitted that he had heavenly help in getting elected. Our lady of Medjugorje intervened on his behalf and he got elected. This is unfair to other candidates who didn't get elected so his election should be declared null and void!!
This man is a liability to the LP, the hate he spouts out his mouth is unbearable.
.....I only contested because the party needed to attract the votes of hard-core Labour supporters and party grassroots, months after losing the EU referendum.... You managed to do so, only last time and with the help of handkerchief. Are you still going round visiting HARD CORES again Joe? Maybe this time they will give you some Queens size sheet instead of just a handkerchief. The miracle need will be GREATER this time. Malta is still run by people from the old REGIME. Look at Mater Dei and other Departments.
Joe, When we meet which is not to often because of my age. I address you as: 'Hawn Joe' and your reply always is: 'Alright!' Bless you Joe because you are a real man who one knows what you stand for. Today we have the New Progressive Inclusive Labour Party that is anything but Inclusive or Progressive. Pensioners have it hard and I am sure if Old Labour was in power what we see nowadays will not have happened. I guess you know as much as I do that come May the New Labour will receive their first disappointment from the people in the E.U. elections.